Circle lenses Review: Princess Pinky Eclipse Brown

These were brought from PinkyParadise at the price of 21,96€ + PP. It arrived a week after the purchase (to Finland from Germany). With the lenses came a cute animal case.

Diameter 14,5mm
Base curve 8,6mm
Water content 38%
Prescription from -0.00 to -10.00
Life spam of 1 year

Outside in natural light:


These lenses are quite large but surprisingly comfortable. They are very thin and it takes a bit of patience to put them on, as they bend easily. I have very small and sensitive eyes that get irritated easily with lenses bigger than 14,2 mm, but could stay with these on for about 5h before starting to get uncomfortable.

Color: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
Confort: 4/5

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