Playing with flowers part 2: Mini hat, hair clip and a spring headpiece.

Project 1: Customizing a mini hat

This mini hat was brought from a costume and birthday party shop. It already had some ribbon, feathers and the tulle.

I started by gluing the feathers up in place and tightening up the tulle. This is what I used for this project.

Then glue some different colour feathers, add some brown ribbon and glue some silk flowers.

Project 2: Flowery hair clip

Material: silk flowers, hair clips, hot glue, a piece of felt.

Use hot glue to fix the felt to the hair clip: this is the base for the flower.

Project 3: Spring headpiece.

Materials: here we will use the micofiber and cotton flowers, lace, hot glue, pearls and a piece of elastic. Measure the circumference of your head at the place where you want the headpiece to rest. Cut a piece of lace about 4 cm smaller than the measurement. Glue the flowers to the lace.

For the lace flower cut a piece of canvas or any tough material and glue the lace around it till you reach the center.

Glue all the flowers to the lace, add the pearls. Sew the ends to a piece of elastic so it will be tight on the head.

Playing with flowers part 1: fabric flower tutorial

This fabric flowers are the base of the coming 3 projects. First choose some pieces of fabric, satin, cotton and microfiber was what I used.

Cut circles of fabric in different sizes, they dont need to be exact in shape. Each flower has between 7-10 circles.

Now use a flame to seal the edges and curl the flower petals.

Till you have this:

Now assemble the petals. To keep them together use hot glue or sew the center.

If the flower is too wide, do some gathering in the back to make the petals more tight.


Microfiber and cotton flowers:

Make some fabric strips of different width. Cut squares, they dont need to be precise in shape.

Now for making the flowers you will need hot glue

Now glue the bases of the little petals together

When happy with the fluffinesse and size, glue a square in the base. Then, its done.