Reticule purse tutorial

Materials: fabric, ribbon, nylon cord and a pattern.

This is the pattern I made for this purse. It is 14,5 cm x 12 cm. The dotted area is where the ribbon will be inserted for closure, the width is 2 cm and it starts 2 cm from the top edge of the pattern. 

1. Cut 4 pieces of fabric, 2 for the outside of the purse and 2 for the lining. Add 1cm for seam allowance to all pieces.

2. Put right sides together, pin and sew the bottom of the purse and the lining, till the marked lines (ribbon case).

3.Pin seam allowances of the parallel edges.
4.Turn the purse inside-out and insert the lining into the purse.

5. Now sew the ribbon case and the edges.

6. Feed the ribbon to the case and attach the nylon cord (handle of the purse). You are done!

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