Mini top hat tutorial

This mini top hat is made from a plastic straw-like food mat. I decided to make it from this material because of the texture and the option of colours.

You will need one or two food mats, depending on the size of the mat; a glue gun, 2 hair clips, and for adorning: ribbons, fabric flowers, feathers.

Cut one rectangle of 24,5 cm x 10 cm for the body of the hat, mark a line of 1 cm on the top and bottom and cut triangles along it so you will have a good base for gluing.
Cut 2 big circles of 11 cm of diameter and 2 small of 7 cm of diameter.

Glue the edges of the body together with hot glue using a small circle as a guide. The body should be wide enough to accommodate one small circle inside it.


From the inside, glue one  of the small circles. It will help the hat to keep a good shape. Glue the other small circle to the top of the hat.

To make the brim, cut a hole in one of the big circles using the diameter of the body of the hat as a guide, it should be more or less 7 cm of diameter. Glue the body to it.

Attach the hair clips to the other circle and glue it to the brim. At this point we are almost done...

Glue some flowers and finish the edges with ribbon...now its done :)

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